Soul Friend to the Community

Supporting Community Healing 

Anamcara Study Groups


   (presented bot as intros & deepening personal & spiritual growth experiences)

✳︎The Contemplative Life of an Anamcara -

     journeying 'round the seasons of the year, and the practices of

     contemplative prayer


     sacred listening

❈ What it mean to be anamcara?

❈ Empowerment to Presence-

    Honing our Quality of Presence in the  Healing Arts & the Sacred Medicine we bring

❈ Celtic Spirituality & the Anam Cara tradition of healing

❈ Listening for the Sacred- Book study and Journaling Retreats

✳︎ BasSona, 'have a good death' & the ancient ars moriendi in our current awareness 

   introduction to the Sacred Art of Dying Units program and next steps

❈ Death Cafe


Anamcara Celtic Spiritual Circle
Sacred Pauses 'Round the Wheel of the Year  (READ ON FOR MORE INFO ON FEB 1, 2017 CIRCLE)
Our Celtic inspired spiritual circles are offered as sweet repose at traditional times 'round the wheel of the year'. A mindful pause for the spiritual sojourner on the Christened path to connect more deeply with Great Mystery through meaningful ritual, community ceremony, prayer and a realignment to Nature.

Throughout the year we celebrate the feast time and corresponding rituals, providing a reflective time to strengthens one's  inner light that is reflected outwards as the roles we play in our lives, community and vocation.

For those interested in attending our Celtic Spiritual study groups and  feast day ceremonies,  please email Barbara

I am moved to offer a teaching and simple ceremony on Imbolc and Brighid THIS WEDNESDAY eve 6:15-7:45 pm and as an opportunity to share more about my path as an Anamcara for those who are interested in Celtic spirituality.

'Anamcara Circles' aka 'Circles of Belonging" as I have named them in past years, offers a venue for companioning one another on our spiritual paths of transformation.
A foundation practice of Celtic Christianity is the spiritual work of 'removing inner obstacles that stand in the way of becoming fully spiritualized humans guided by the illumination of heart and mind. Participating in the Anam Cara circles provides encouragement upon your spiritual journey and gives us a checkpoint for rebalancing.

It has been a huge goal of mine to bring the Anamcara Presence and Tradition of Healing to our soil since 2009 and the ACC's 'Celtic Circles of Belonging' have been one way I have attempted to bring this forward for about the past 5 years.

I invite you to join me in this orientation to Bridhid and the teachings we learn at this time of year 'round the wheel of the Celtic year'. This event is open to everyone interested in spiritual growth and refreshment.

Any donation is greatly appreciated in support of our non-profit "Anam-Care Initiative", whose mission is to bring quality education and Anamcara Healing Services to palliative and end of life care to benefit caregiver, family and patient, both in institutionalized and home settings.


"LISTENING for the Voice of the Soul"

Bookstudy and Journaling workshops

What does the general quality of your everyday conversations tell & teach you about yourself? Would you like to have a safe place to share your healing stories held with respect? Are you one who desires a quality of conversation that inspires the sacred to show up? Explore the art and practice of sacred listening in community, raise the vibration of our conversations, our speech, and listening skills!  


In this intentional circle, we adopt the 'Touchstones' to guide our time together and practice the concepts of 'Circle of Trust' work as written about in Parker Palmer's book 'A Hidden Wholeness'. Throughout this expanded study group and journaling "retreat", we will journey around the wheel of the year with sacred reflections and open honest questions for personal and communal benefit.

Our anamcara circles of trust build a compassionate community who knows how to truly Listen.


Bas Sona- "have a good death". In Celtic Spirituality, 'having a good death carries the same meaning of 'having a good life'. It's one and the same.

Why do I attend Death Cafe?  Well for one thing, when Death finally does truly come to take me at the end of my life, I want to recognize it, look at it and know it even as friend. I want a familiar feeling with it. I attend Death Cafes because where else can I speak of such things? I attend Death Cafe to share that I may have come acquainted with Death on a couple of occasions and wondered how I survived its closeness. There was much wisdom in this encounter. Where else can I speak of such things? I wonder what stories & wisdom are out there in our community just waiting to be shared? -barb o'neil

Spiritual Direction
Spiritual Direction creates an intentional safe and sacred space and time where stories of one's path (Directee) are shared with a trusted other (Director) to be "listened into a deeper speech" that honors the sacred path of the another and offers an invitation to name and claim where there the Divine shows up in our every day lives and guides us on our paths. Spiritual Direction is a confidential conversation between soul friends with the intention of tuning in to the movement of what is Divine in ones life and of one's unique and individual spiritual path. Spiritual Direction offers a time for reflection, discernment and encouragement to lean into the Divine embrace of what is sacred in one's life.

Spiritual Direction sessions available with certified Directors through Anam Cara Center.
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