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Auriculotherapy is a form of acupuncture. Its beginnings are found in ancient China. It is an electrical stimulation of the external (auricle) ear which treats conditions in other parts of the body.  Whereas acupuncture works on meridians of energy, Auriculotherapy uses specific points which are connected to the central nervous system. The nerves in the ear connect with centers in the brain which then conducts the energy down the spinal cord and into nerve pathways to the targeted body part or area.


Similar to foot reflexology where the foot is a representation of the whole body, the external ear represents the entire body.  As with acupuncture which treats body parts distant from the needle insertion point, the points on the ears treat health conditions in distant body parts or areas.


The ear points are stimulated by placing tiny beads made of silver, gold, magnet or vicaria seed held in place with adhesive- like a band aid.  The treatment does not puncture the skin. The beads stay in place for several days stimulating the point. During this time the body is encouraged to release its own natural pain relieving substance called endorphins which are much like opiates. The points stimulated can become sore to the touch and as the body balances this discomfort decreases.


Auriculotherapy can be helpful for: assisting in pain reduction,  relieving nausea and can quickly reduce elevated blood pressure. However, a wide variety of conditions may be treated as the entire body is represented on the ear.


The response to the treatments vary, however, many notice changes during their initial session.