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Barbara O'Neil, professional massage therapist

Professional Massage Therapist, Healer, Educator.
CT license # 000890
Barbara was born for this work!

Graduating from CCMT, Newington Campus in 1994, Barbara began her career immediately working with spinal and back injuries while being employed at both a chiropractor and physical therapy offices while  continuing advanced training in Somatic Education through Upledger Institute and their experts in the field of Craniosacral therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Mobilization & "Listening Techniques". "In those days I was often the only LMT in the crowd, most being PT's, OT's,  Chiropractors and MD's. I learned to 'speak the medical vernacular' and integrated this into my professional practice. Since those early days, Barb has honed and is known for her expert palpation skills and speaks the language of the body with her healing hands.

Barbara opened her first healing Center in Milford in 1995 calling it "Body Intelligence", the quality of innate healing that she intimately works with through the healing power of touch. Enjoying a successful practice there for nearly a decade, Barbara sold 'all her worldly goods' including her business in 2004 to pursue her dream of establishing an overnight Healing Retreat Center which she operated on an 1850's farmstead in Vermont and affectionately named "Turtle Pointe Retreat. Barbara returned to CT and in 2011 opened her most recent business and Holistic Center with the main focus of offering healing services to those in palliative and end of life care. She established a non profit organization, the Anam-Care Initiative to accomplish this goal.

Barbara is known for her accurate and sensitive touch, working with the cellular memory of the body to clear the impact of old injuries and trauma and for clearing energy blocks that stand in the way of complete healing.  A session with her is best described as  "Energywork grounded in Anatomy", using an integrative approach and weaving a plethora of modalities.

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