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Our 4 week summer series begins on June 22nd, 6:15-7:30 pm

The Journey of Bas Sona-

and the way we die...and live...a happy death, and life... and learn to embrace the little  deaths we experience along the way... til one day...

Our Bas Sona series touches on a variety of compassionate practices for end of life healing, for Self and for Others, honoring spiritual practices across cultural lineages, the treasured gift of holding sacred space for another and how we do this in daily life, and more.
Included in our Bas Sona series is an informal monthly Death Cafe "opens the discussion" for our finite lives to enter as a container to share our stories of death and dying, and living.

In this summer series we will touch on the healing practices in the Buddhist tradition including *Phowa, Tonglen, and the practice of sacred listening where we will highlight 'the touchstones' of the Circle of Trust work.   

I began the journey of Bas Sona most mindfully in 2009, at the beginning of my formal apprenticeship in the Celtic healing tradition of an anamcara.  With the mentoring and wise counsel of amazing scholars, experts whose knowledge and practice of this ancient Celtic tradition dubbed them leaders in the front lines of end of life care, shamanic midwives to the dying, and my teachers who guided me, my path became clear and illuminated.

With heart I have carried the light of this authentic anamcara tradition forward in my life's work, privately and in community for nearly 10 years now. My passion and compassion for this work led me to found a non-profit org where I can amplify and expand my soul and role in service as one who is called an anamcara, to breathe the ancient wisdom of our Celtic ancestors to life in modern day health care, and to invite others to join me in this sacred service.

With Heart,

Schedule- (all Thursdays)
June 22- DeatJune 29-  Sacred Art of Phowa
July 6- Sacred Art of Tonglen
July 13- Art of Sacred Listening
cost: Donation to our non profit Anam-Care Initiative-
         All donations welcome and appreciated and is what will keep our program going! 

June 29. The practice of Phowa is a method whereby we can transfer the consciousness of those who have recently died, or our own consciousness, to a pure land. Phowa practice explains clearly how we can face our own death, and how we can help those who are dying. This is one of the kindest things we can do for ourselves and for others.