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 Sacred Pauses 'round the Wheel of the Year ~
     Celtic Spirituality Circle-

Vernal Equinox, Ostara & Feast of the New Spears 2018
March 18, 2018   10:30-12:30  (arrive by 10:15) followed by pot luck 
Suggested Love donation to the Anam-Care Initiative for this event- $22

Event: March 18 (by donation)

Vernal Equinox, Ostara, Feast of the New Spears

A celebration of our authentic lives well lived. At the spring equinox we pause to connect with appreciation for the sacred paths of our life and honor that which is our calling, our vocation, and the authentic expression of who we are. We do this with a ritual our ancestors have taught us embedded in the meaning of the Celtic inspired feast day of the New Spears. Come and learn what the meaning of this holds in your life at this time of year!

In this Circle of Belonging as they have become known as, we 'welcome the sacred' in us to 'show up' as we invite this aspect of ourSelves to come more fully into the awareness of living into an authentic life.

Event: Feb 2 (by donation)
During our time together we re-member Brighid both as goddess in the older cultures of Britain, Wales, Brittany, Ireland and Czech Republic... and as patron saint of the Celts who fosters the growing light of Christ consciousness that was born in our hearts at the Winter Solstice and that we mindfully and carefully carry into the world to glow and grow... we will hear some songs, (fonn) poems and stories dedicated to her. 
If any of you coming to the Circle know such stories, please bring them to share with all of us.

We will contemplate the "qualities of Brighid" traditionally felt since ancient times, and which might serve us individually and specifically today. Whether inspiration with poetic words, the smelting of metals, weaving of cloth, taming of horses, nourishment of seeds and seedlings, fostering of young children or animals... any these or others could serve you today. And likewise, there may be "stuck" or "frozen" patterns (attitudes, holding back forgiveness etc....) we want to release into the waters to be washed away, and melted.

So bring along cloth or beads or yarn or a crystal, or natural objects from which you can fashion a "gift" of thanks that symbolically represents patterns "to be released" into the waters.

Please bring a pot luck dish so we can sup together as a community. We are so blessed here to have the waterfall and brook and woods for our ceremonies!

Celtic Spiritual Circle   
Sacred Pauses 'Round the Wheel of the Year

"We weave together a time and place, a sacred space with one another to mark the turning of the seasonal wheel of the year and connect with Mother Earth, our Green Anamcara and her gospel at work in our lives."

Our Celtic inspired spiritual circles are offered as sweet repose at traditional times 'round the wheel of the year'. A mindful pause for the spiritual sojourner on the Christened path to connect more deeply with Great Mystery through meaningful ritual, community ceremony, prayer and a realignment to Nature.

Throughout the year we celebrate the spirituality of the feast times and related rituals, providing a reflective time to strengthens one's  inner light that is reflected outwards in the roles we play in our lives, community and vocations.

For those interested in attending our Celtic Spiritual study groups and  feast day ceremonies,  please email Barbara