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 Sacred Pauses 'round the Wheel of the Year ~
     Celtic Spiritual Gatherings & Circles of Belonging

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Celtic Spiritual Circle   
Sacred Pauses 'Round the Wheel of the Year

"We weave together a time and place, a sacred space with one another to mark the turning of the seasonal wheel of the year and connect with Mother Earth, our Green Anamcara and her gospel at work in our lives."

Our Celtic inspired spiritual circles are offered as sweet repose at traditional times 'round the wheel of the year'. A mindful pause for the spiritual sojourner on the Christened path to connect more deeply with Great Mystery through meaningful ritual, community ceremony, prayer and a realignment to Nature.

Throughout the year we celebrate the feast time and corresponding rituals, providing a reflective time to strengthens one's  inner light that is reflected outwards in the roles we play in our lives, community and vocations.

For those interested in attending our Celtic Spiritual study groups and  feast day ceremonies,  please email Barbara