Soul Friend to the Community

Supporting Community Healing 


email Barb if you plan to attend in case of changes you will be notified  

Please remember to bring a 'fist-sized stone with you from your own land to add to our communal apacheta!

This year, the focus of ACC's celebration on Earth Day will center upon, not only fostering a spirit of community gratitude and appreciation for our natural surroundings that bring so much joy and balance to our life and to our health, but we will engage in an Earth honoring ceremony meant to RESTORE our understanding of and connection with the Earth's living, conscious energies that continually sustain life and anchor a balanced natural environment where we live.  Delving into the indigenous wisdom of our ancestors, ACC's Earth Day celebration will highlight the ancient earth honoring ceremony of building a community apacheta and to realize the beauty of its presence in our own lives on this day as well as going forward as a place to visit for connection, refreshment and restoration (for both ourselves and our lands).
Sadly, with so much industrial development going on in our local areas, we see nature being adversely affected in so many ways; natural places we once visited to restore and nurture our souls now leveled and replaced with square, energy disruptive buildings, our animal relations displaced and searching for food in neighborhoods, EMF's penetrating everywhere and wreaking havoc in the environment, and pollution! even as blaring neon lights fill a once starry night sky). What better day to kick off a community inspired appreciation project than on Earth Day !

COME AND BE NURTURED AT OUR EARTH DAY HONORING ON SUNDAY APRIL 22 @ 1:00 and in a spirit of reciprocity, spend time in Nature and help ACC build a communal apacheta with silent prayers and deep intent for a more loving connection to the land of our Mother. 

Please bring with you a fisted-sized rock from your own land to build our apacheta and connect with the land and healing spirits on Fountain Lake.

PS. I have learned that Fountain Lake "lives" in both Seymour and Ansonia, the town line splitting down the middle. What a great opportunity for residents from both towns to come together in a spirit of community caring for this natural gem! 

Apu Spirit Rock face at Fountain Lake

view of Naugatuck River from top (after mountain reduced)