Soul Friend to the Community

Supporting Community Healing 

Free!- Soul Entrainment® Workshop!!
Friday 6-7pm (following our hospitality hour 5-6)

Soul Entrainment® Free Intro WorkshopYour soul knows everything about you past, present and future. Reconnect with the Divine in you … where answers are revealed…

Come join Alisa as she guides you to access the wisdom of your soul. Through a deep relaxation and meditation technique you will discover answers to your questions, solutions to your problems and a means to access support in all of your endeavors. 

Soul Entrainment ® helps you find and heal the root cause of your stress, anxiety, fears or blocks; heal and receive guidance about relationships, health, career and life purpose; gain insight into your future, move forward and eliminate what no longer serves you; receive guidance on how to create more love and fulfillment in your life. 

Join Alisa and Anam Cara friends on Friday June 6 @ 6-7pm for this experiential, mini- workshop!   You will come away revitalized, energized and ready to put your new ideas, tools and discoveries to practice. 

This workshop is more than a guide … it is a way back to remembering who you are and what you can and were meant to do.