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Holistic Weight Loss Group 

Let's transform our health together
Tuesday's 6-7:15 pm. For more info or to register: click here


Attend our friendly, introductory class and jump start your weight loss this spring with a 7-day Real Food Cleanse. Learn about this group based weight loss experience and how it can work for you!


Let's lose weight together and 'lighten up'- not only in body, but in heart, mind & spirit!

Come meet Stephanie Clark and hear her amazing story of how she lost 70lbs and  restored her health after struggling for years in a painful cycle of digestive problems, disordered eating, thyroid disease, depression, and a compromised immune system. 


Week 1: Real Food Cleanse and 10-Minute Kitchen Clean Out

Week 2: Group Weight Loss Hypnosis Session

Week 3: Pick Your Real Food Favorites

Week 4: Curb The Carb Cravings

Week 5: Banish The Portion Distortion

Week 6: Eating on the Go and Keeping Momentum

CLOSING- Group Reiki Energy Healing

PAY AS YOU GO:  Class- $25 (total investment $150) 

OR PAY FOR FULL SERIES-  $120 ($30 savings)

PAY FOR FULL SERIES HERE: ($30 savings- total $125)



  • Meal plans
  • Recipe Book
  • Food Swap List
  • Food Journal
  • Weekly Grocery Lists
  • Weekly Educational Handout
  • Accountability, Motivation and Group Support


 This progressive program is everyday-friendly and doesn't feel like work. You won't bore your taste buds and you won't feel like you're on a diet- because you're not!

Are you ready to introduce yourself to a new and healthier way of life?

Are you ready to donate your closet full of wrong-size clothing to those in need?

Are you ready to be the best you can be?

Are you ready to walk into your next doctor's appointment only to proudly announce that you've taken charge of your weight and your health?

This program will also help you to;

  • Ramp up metabolism
  • Control and lessen cravings
  • Decrease PMS and menopausal symptoms
  • Support the cardiovascular system
  • Heal digestive system complaints
  • Improve bowel function

And much more!