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Professional Life /Relationship Coaching Services

Please call for your appointment at 203.947.0063

or email: Tanya@DreamCatcherLLC.com

Visit her website at www.DreamCatcherLLC.com

As a Life Coach, I help people align their passions and purpose with their goals and actions. When you work with me, you have a partner who will help you clarify your desires, overcome challenges, develop a manageable action plan and see you through to success.

The relationship between a Life Coach and a client is a powerful alliance that empowers the client.  When you trust the process, beautiful changes will unfold in your life and you will realize your dreams are within reach. Whatever you believe becomes your reality.

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My Approach

My intuitive approach helps to identify challenges so you can advance at a productive pace.  Together, we focus on moving you forward on your journey.

My Services

One-on-one coaching – Ongoing in-person, Skype, or phone coaching empowers you to identify objectives and develop skills, strengths and strategies to overcome challenges and meet your goals.  I provide full support in between sessions so you have access to coaching and guidance via phone, email or text as situations arise.

Two-person coaching – Ongoing in-person coaching for couples, business partners, work colleagues, family members or friends, to move relationships forward.

Café Coaching – Let's share a meal and start your journey. An alternative option for those who wish to effortlessly incorporate coaching into their schedules by meeting for coffee, tea, lunch, brunch, or dinner for a heartfelt coaching session in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Choices, agreements and partnerships are often made over a meal. Let's meet for a self-discovery coaching session at your favorite café or restaurant to clarify objectives, set your direction, enhance and form ideas, or refresh your perspective. Feed your inner spirit with Café Coaching!

Life Coaching is an investment in you!