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REIKI HEALING - Offered by Advanced Level Practitioners
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Reiki is a natural, effective, powerful and life-giving healing energy that moves through everything alive. It assists in resolving energetic obstacles at the root cause of manifest illness on all levels of being- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and into the realm of soul.

The Energy of Reiki
Reiki is an energetic substance, an essential nutrient, a distilled etheric nectar that supports life and the ability to heal. Reiki promotes balance. Reiki never hurts and always helps. It supports where healing is needed: body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.  Reiki works with your Inner Physician, your Higher Self, in service to that which is in your best interests and highest healing. 

The more one consciously invites Reiki into the practice of self care, or places their reiki hands upon another in need, the possibility for transforming suffering on any level  is amplified, increased and stabilized.

Therapeutically speaking....

Reiki works at the root cause of illness where the energetic flow of life force is blocked physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
Reiki energy is commonly channeled and administered to ones self or others via the hands, placing them upon a person's body or within proximity of a persons energy field. Reiki healers are guided by the power of compassion and leads them to know the 'best place' to concentrate Reiki. Reiki has a positive, cleansing and tonifying effect on the energy pathways strengthening the  expression of health in receiver and giver alike.

One's understanding of Reiki guides an individual's practice of Reiki.

is committed to helping individuals develop their connection to Reiki 
supports the spreading its Healing Gift to the Planet.