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Anam Cara Center expands its healing touch
 into the community with the Anam-Care Initiative

The Anam-Care Initiative gathers, equips, empowers and mobilizes a local community of Anam-Care providers as a resource for patients, families and caregivers in need of ‘compassionate healing services’ within palliative and end of life caregiving, especially where the ‘medicalization’ of death is apparent.


*the Charitable arm of  Anam Cara Center LLC

"making a difference in the Valley"

meet ACI's founder

The Anam-Care Initiative (ACI)  is a locally based, 'grass roots' non-profit providing compassionate care visits, services and subtle  healing arts by Anam-Care volunteers to patients, families and caregivers in palliative and end of life care circumstances.

Rooted in the ancient Celtic Anamcara tradition of caregiving, our ‘soul friend’ visits honor spiritual healing practices across cultural lineages & offer the gift of ‘holding space’ to loved ones (including families and caregivers) for healing, support and comfort.

 We align with the belief that ‘even when there is no cure, healing is possible’,this supported by a trained, listening ear and compassionate open heart, characteristics of a skilled Anamcara, spiritual midwife and end of life doula.

A crucial work of ACI is to provide educational workshops, circles & resources that inspire our community  to ‘Become Anamcara’ to one another, to develop skills that foster compassion, personal & spiritual growth, sacred listening and to hone the  tools of a

compassionate care-giver.



ACI's Vision is to be a compassionate resource for patients, families and caregivers that takes into account the Spiritual dimension of healing in palliative and end of life care, both in medicalized and home care settings.

As a graduate apprentice of the Sacred Art of Living Center's Anam Cara project, Barbara O'Neil, founding member of the ACI is passionate about her dedication to supporting the revival of the ancient Anam Cara tradition in modern day holistic health care, bringing the sacred arts of healing to patients, families and caregivers in palliative and end of life circumstances, restoring the sacred in medicine.


 Barbara O'Neil is a compassionate healer, adept in healing arts cultivated over 25 years of professional experience, offering a variety of comforting modalities working through touch, breath, scent, healing meditation and creative visualization, sacred listening, and more.

Barbara offers educational workshops "Becoming Anamcara", equipping and qualifying volunteers to join her in this sacred service.


"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy." -Rabindranath Tagore

The Anam-Care Initiative

It is the intent of the Anam-Care Initiative to promote ‘another level of comfort for our loved ones’ in current palliative and end of life care that underscores the vital role spiritual care and sacred healing services have in supporting patients, families and care-givers through life transitions, both within institutionalized care facilities and in home care settings.