Soul Friend to the Community

Supporting Community Healing 

Anamcara Presence

It dawned on me recently that what I have been attempting to accomplish under a spiritual care  program the 'Anam-Care Initiative' for the past  five years, in its essence and simplicity rests in the intentional  practice of mindfulness in our healing work with one another.
Since ancient times the role of an anamcara had its roots in the healing practices of spiritual midwifery. To be midwife to the dying, soul-companion to those seeking prescriptive, effective and skillful means by which spiritual pain was eased, quality of presence was a vital and the deeply honed tool of an anamcara that was cultivated over the course of many years, even decades!  What better way to cultivate the quality of spiritual presence than within a caring community of soul friends! And so the essence of the 'Anamcara study groups' is to support those who are intentional about honing the quality of their 'presence as medicine', and to practice this in service to one another, to community, and in preparedness for the day we will be called to be strong, ready and able to be with another in their suffering. 
Am I grounded enough, disciplined enough, mature enough, skillful enough, to hold space for a healing community of this kind to emerge in our Valley?  Gathering a community of anamcara healers has been no easy endeavor, but 'grow the soul, 'the anam' of this humble Anamcara center I must, and for those who draw even a small but perfect pearl from the depths of  its Celtic well will they find nurturing for their own souls, and wisdom to take home to another. In fact to inspire an intentional community of this nature holds great potential to expand the reach of Compassionate healing practices into the larger community, and that is the goal I have set my hand to. If this is the best that comes from stepping onto the 'Anam-Care training', then that is its gift that will keep giving. 
It is my wish and my blessing  for anyone who wishes to walk the path of a anamcara with me, then know I am here to walk it with you and we will walk together. It is what the anamcara community is about. May we continue to draw strength from this Winter Solstice and bend toward the Light of a new dawning and awaken to the  of light within, without.
I tilt my head to the stars with Love,
Anam Cara Study groups forming now for 2017. Click here for some more information.