Soul Friend to the Community

Supporting Community Healing 

An Anamcara path of Caregiving

A path of consciousness, compassionate healing, of uniting, another level of caring for our loved ones.
For me, it answered a sacred question in me, of where God dreams in me, in one another, in community...
of how to be with another in times of great suffering, and in their death.

I stepped onto the path of Anamcara service shortly after the loss of my brother in 2008 when I personally began to understand there was a lack of support for families who sit with their loved ones in medicalized settings especially at end of life.  What came of my own experience led me into learning about and embracing a 1500 year tradition of healing while 'becoming anamcara' through the training offered in the Anamcara Apprenticeship , a study of the art, science and practice of sacred relationship, and a revival of the Ars Moriendi- the Art of Dying as a holistic model of healthcare.
The wisdom of of this tradition flows from the well of Celtic wisdom and has the potential to bring great relief to those who are suffering both in palliative care and end of life settings (and even in the 'little deaths' we each have whenever there is a "letting go"). 
In fact, this kind of healing can be so effective that it has been shown to greatly reduce physical symptoms of pain, thus the need for less pharmaceuticals and a more conscious state of being when applied in modern day  palliative care settings.
My commitment to bringing this Anam Cara path of caregiving to Connecticut soil has been a passion and a quest since coming to know what a genuine impact these sacred arts of healing can have upon alleviating the suffering of many and also supporting the creation of a more compassionate community. By learning about and practicing these Arts together and in service to one another we can truly a difference.

Enter... the " Anam-Care Initiative"

Anam Cara Center founded the Anam Care Initiative (ACI), whose mission is to provide education and services that raise awareness of the vital role the Sacred Arts have in Healing support the Soul of Medicine through the compassionate practices central to the Healing Arts.

To that end, ACI currently hosts circles, workshops, and events focusing on helping our community develop anamcara skills (spiritual companioning/midwifery) and compassionate healing practices for the soul navigated journey not just at end of life but in every day living.

CURRENTLY, our circles workshops and events that support the education the theme of are these:

❧ Art of Listening (practicing the principles of the touchstones as found in Parker Palmer's Circle of Trust work)

❧ SoulCollage workshops -taking the inner journey through the process of SoulCollage


Proceeds from events and donations benefit housing the Center’s Initiative on 50 Main St. Please attend our events and support our Center!