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 About your facilitator Barbara O'Neil

Barbara is a licensed, experienced holistic health therapies professional with extensive training in a number of manual and energy based medicine modalities. Along with her nearly 25 yrs of private healing practice she facilitates a number of "bodymind connecting workshops" at *Anam Cara Center. Barbara is a Shamanic practitioner & medicine carrier in the Pachakuit Mesa Tradition, teaches Usui and Karuni Reiki healing, is a trained Spiritual Director and Anamcara companion, and founded the Anam-Care Initiative- a 'non profit, for purpose' program that promotes the revival of the Anam Cara (Soul-Friend) Healing tradition in medicine and provides affordable holistic services, resources, education and community support for palliative and end of life care to local residents. "An Initiative 'Making a difference in the Valley' -building a compassionate community by helping one another".
Barbara is a graduate apprentice of the Sacred Art of Living Center's (Bend, OR)  Anam Cara  Project whose program trains apprentices in the Art, Science and Practice of Sacred Relationship in an extensive program that included training in Spiritual Direction, Healing Practices at End of Life and working with states of altered consciousness (Alzheimer's, Dementia and Coma). A perennial student turned mentor, Barb continues building upon her knowledge, wisdom and 'skillful mean' by which to be an effective caregiver in service to the Spirit of Healing. 

"Conscious Aging Workshops"--
My interest in Consciousness Studies has been fueled for more than 20 years by the Institute of Noetic Science. When a teacher's training course for their 'Conscious Aging" program became available I literally felt the seeds that had been planted within me so long ago shook loose and open and I felt for the first time like an Elder myself. That was a great moment, a spontaneous rite of passage!

Barbara can be reached at [email protected]

* The brick and mortar Anam Cara Center is located at 50 Main St Ansonia and is "Home to the Anam-Care Initiative" non profit arm that provides services and education as resources for Palliative Care Patients, Families and Caregivers.
We are open by appointment or by chance!
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