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There's a lovely story behind the auspicious day I met the Ven. Geshe Ngawang Singey, the respected man and Tibetan monk  I came to call 'beloved teacher'. By far one of the wisest and most influential people in my life, with unending patience Geshe-la poured out teachings for me over countless cups of tea, lingering late into the evening long after the weekly community teaching had ended, elaborating on the meaning and principles my western mind was trying to wrap around. Indeed, during the time I lived as steward at Turtle Point retreat in southern VT and where Geshe-la and Ed his translator lived as well, I would not let an opportunity pass to satisfy a question burning in my mind. Whether a crossing paths in the hallway or a chance meeting while foraging for a late night snack in the kitchen, there was always a question on my lips that would require of Geshe-la "a lot of talkie and talkie" until understanding dawned in me. There would be a lot of  break out laughter too because I could not understand his english and I knew zero Tibetan. But this made me listen harder, and when even that failed, he would call out to his translator and with sleepy eyes Ed would join us around the farmhouse table to discuss my many questions. 

When circumstances of life brought my time at Turtle Point to an end (in 2008), it was our parting intention that once my life was reestablished in Connecticut, Geshe-la would come to bring the teachings I had come to cherish, with him, and into a new community that I would have  established- aka the Anam Cara Center. Thankfully, over the past decade I have practiced much of what I had learned from Geshe-la, the meaning of patience being one that has served me very well, for over the decade that has gone by, there has been increased depth and height and breath of spiritual building on top of spiritual building, personally and collectively that has opened my heart, my mind and my vista and  has prepared me for this day, and the next chapter of my life.