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You may be wondering what to expect when you schedule a reflexology appointment with Samantha of An Angelic Experience.  My goals is to provide you with a sacred pampering that helps to release and expel energy blockages from your body temple.

What is Reflexology?  Reflexology is a subtle, relaxing, holistic therapy that works on the principle that the feet and hands mirror internal organs, glands and structures of the body. By applying gentle pressure to all areas of the feet with either the thumbs, fingers and/or small wooden tools, the reflex points will be stimulated.  This allows for nerve pathways and congestion to release, promoting relaxation throughout the entire body.

This ancient therapy is used to treat the person as a whole rather than just relieving particular symptoms, it encourages the body to heal itself. Treatments aim to focus on the root of a problem by clearing internal blockages in body systems, encouraging the release of toxins and helps to restore the body's health and natural balance.  Reflexology improves general health, relieves tension and stress while promoting vitality and wellbeing.

Your Session:  A full reflexology session will last approximately one hour.  When you arrive, you will be asked to complete a short intake form which will allow me to serve you in a personal manner, focusing on any issues or concerns that you may have.  From there, I will ask you to remove your shoes and socks and to make yourself comfortable either in a zero gravity therapy chair or on a massage table.  Choice is yours, whatever makes you more comfortable.

We will then begin with a sacred foot wash.  Not because I have to wash your feet but because I connect with your unique life force energy during this portion of the session.  I also will explain step by step what I am doing and check in with your throughout the treatment to affirm you are “ok”. 

A soft, warm lotion may be applied to your feet from the knees down.  In reflexology, I work on one foot at a time so the other foot will be wrapped in a warm towel in the interim.  A series of relaxation techniques are then started.  Gentle massage, stretching and rotating of various parts of the ankle, foot and toes.  It is important to remember that this entire process should not tickle or be painful.  Some minor discomfort may be felt as I begin to manipulate a series of zones, acupressure points and areas on your feet.  You may experience a feeling of “pressure” being applied to your feet.  The hands on portion of each foot is approx. 20 min.

After both feet are treated, I will ask you to breathe with me in a specific pattern that will allow further release & relaxation.  Your socks & shoes will be put back on and slowly you will return to the upright position.  When you are ready and only with my being present as you stand up and return to your day.  It is important for you to drink plenty of water after the treatment and to be mindful of the natural release of toxins and energy that you may experience.  A follow up communication will be made by me to you within a day or two of the session to discuss any questions and/or concerns.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you with this sacred act of reflexology.