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Reiki Energy Healing

Anam Cara Center's ACCRP graduates at Usui ART/Master practitioner level & Karuna Level practitioners offer Reiki Energy Healing by appointment.
See Rates below.
Call 203-848-9710.

Appointments are typically 45-60 min and focus on the 7 main chakras along the spine (front and back) and the "minor" chakras at joints and palms and soles of feet.

Usui Practitioners at ACC have been trained and attuned to all four Usui Reiki healing vibrations and Karuna practitioners employ all four Usui vibrations AND the additional eight vibrations received in Karuna reiki, 'the Reiki of Compassion'.

Rates for Usui sessions are $45 for 45 min appointments, $60 for 1 hr
Rates for Karuna sessions are $60 for 45 min appointments and $75 for 1 hr