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Shamanic Study - part of our summer series

Mesa as Map and Mirror of your Soul

Shamanism Study Circle,  Part 1. Summer Series.

Six-consecutive weeks begins Wednesday June 21.  9:30-11:15 (sharp!)

reg $180. Early bird discount-$150 (save $30!)- that's only $25 per class! Drop ins $30 per class if room available. Must be confirmed first.

*A minimum of 7 commitments needed to hold this series.

A list of what to bring will be emailed participants and handouts will be given.

This series equips participants with the fundamentals of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and then some.

The over arching theme will present the Pachakuti Mesa as a healing altar. In this series we will place emphasis on the 5 directions and the indwelling energies each representing an aspect of the self and as an ally on our healing path. We will work our healing altars as a 'mirror' of our lives and a reflection of the cosmos in our lives. We will anchor core principles of the shamanic lifeways for our community and will linger over these topics over our 6 wk series in a serene and welcoming environment.

This class is great for beginners or those who came to my previous shamanic circles (it's been a year!) to deepen your shamanic roots and those of our community! 

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Enchanted Ground- Creating Sacred Altar Spaces for Healing and Holding Council
Sunday June 11,  1-5pm  $35 

This half day workshop is an introductory Pachakuti Mesa inspired workshops focuses on the creation of sacred space, connecting with the energy of place and leading and participating in a council process. The Pachakuti Mesa will be integrated into the teachings for support and to contain the space.

'Creating a sacred space allows us to tune in to our higher selves and going within it gives us an opening to be truly present and within the moment. With practice we can come to the realization we can hold this level of presence regardless of our external circumstances. We hold this space with peaceful and loving thoughts towards others and ourselves. With this internal peace we can awaken more fully and become what we wish for the planet and ourselves.'